Saturday, March 21, 2009

I test drove a Bernina 440 QE today!

Oh my goodness am I ever in love! I cannot believe how smooth the bernina runs and the stitch regulator is the best! I am trying to convince DH that I NEED to get this machine! I sure could get alot of quilts done with that machine. I currently have a kenmore which is somewhat new but does not even compare to the bernina. Did I mention how much I love this machine??

I will be going to the sewing and Quilt expo in Worcester Mass in April to see what deals they will have on one. My dealer already told me that she will match whatever price they give and give lessons to boot! So, with any luck, I will have a new machine by the end of April!!

So, if you have one, do you love it?



  1. You know I loved mine! Shame you don't live closer you could have had it!Mine sold the day after I traded it in! They are a very good machine!

  2. Kellie, it is all your fault that I must have a bernina! J/K I really cannot wait to get the BSR. I think it will make a huge difference. How do you like your new machine?