Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bernina Quilt Frame

My DH bought me a Bernina Quilt Frame for christmas today! I am using it with my Bernina 440QEE and so far I am loving it! I was not sure about the small throat space but it really is not that bad. I can stipple with ease and the stitch regulator seems to work so much better. And the best part of all, I don't have to pin baste my quilts anymore!!!! As soon as my batteries charge for my camera I will snap some photos. I am also going to make some videos because I have not seem many where people are using regular sewing machines with a quilt frame.

I also won a giveaway from Tom over at quilting and carving! I won a beautiful handcrafted picture frame with gnomes! Pics to follow when it comes in the mail!!

Happy Quilting!