Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flea Market Fancy Quilt top

I finished the Flea Market Fancy quilt top. Now I just need to put the backing on and quilt it. I am a bit nervous about doing the free motion quilting on it. I am so afraid of ruining it!


  1. Make sure you "warm up" on a practice quilt sandwich first! And also, I honestly find that I do much better at free motion after a glass of wine! I think it just relaxes me that little bit I need to not tense up and be a perfectionist. But that is just me and the same approach may not work for you! ~ Jennie

  2. I wish I liked wine. A wine I have only done free motion on smaller quilts but am dying to try it on a larger one. I love love love the crinkle look!

  3. I love the colors you chose!! This is really pretty. I have been making this sort of quilt a lot for the past few years. I always call them "boxes around boxes". LOL!

    (I follow crazy mom quilts as well, and she is amazing. I wish I could get that much done! I have all these ideas in my head and can't get them out fast enough.)

    I hate the quilting part of quilting. I wish I could afford to just make tops and have someone else quilt them.

    I found your blog from a comment on twinfibers and I really like it!

  4. Aww thanks Lisa! I would have called this boxes around boxes too if not for Crazy mom lol. I have so many ideas too but am just to lazy to actually get them all done! I tend to jump form project to project. I have 5 or 6 quilts just waiting to be quilted. Hopefully I can learn the free motion and get them done!