Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Over the weekend I purchased two Legacy Studio baskets of fabric from Joannes. They were on sale from 69.99 to 34.99. Each basket had 24 pieces (18x21) of fabric. I am usuing the tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts of the Flea Market fancy quilt.

I have all my blocks cut and sewn. It made enough to make two lap size quilts! I just have to sew on the borders and backings then I can quilt. I am going to try free motion quilting the entire top. I am a bit nervous about that because I have only free motioned quilted on doll quilts.

I am also working on two mini quilts for February swaps that I am behind on. My youngest DS has been sick with muscle spasms and nerve problems so we have been in and out of the doctors and through a bunch of tests. Hopefully we will see some answers soon!

Happy Quilting!


  1. first, i am sorry your son is not well. sending good thoughts to him that he gets well soon and you know what is wrong. your quilt looks yummy, and i love the one wonky block off kilter! such a fun quilt

  2. The wonky block is actually just thrown there to show placement of the blocks. I have sewn them together all straight but now that I look at it, it would have been cool to have a wonky block in there!

  3. I hope your son is doing well now.

  4. DS is feeling much better now! He had an EEG and the results came back normal. He has an MRI scheduled for the beginning of April and hopefully that will come back normal too. Thank you for asking!