Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spray Starch and ironing

So today I decided to try using spray starch and ironing my fabric before cutting. I am actually surprised by how much better my pieces came out! And I have only sewn the strip sets together and ironed lol. Normally when I piece a quilt, I take the easy way out and I just put the two pieces of fabric together and sew. Most of the time, my piecing stinks. Today, I took the time to spray starch, iron and then pin each strip before sewing and I think this will make all the difference between an ok quilt and an awesome quilt!

I am making a quilt for my bed using two Moda Batik jelly rolls and some Moda black fabric. Tomorrow I will snap some pictures of my progress so far and see if the cutting goes better then it normally does.


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