Friday, April 17, 2009

My new Adventure!

I love fabric! I love thread! I love quilting! So, I thought I would open up a small quilt store! My dh owns a transmission business and the building has an empty office space. It is the perfect space to have a small shop and I won't have to drive far to get my fabric fix!

Right now, the closest quilt shop is 30 minutes away. I hate running out of a thread color or a certain fabric and not being able to get to the store until the next day. I am in the process of setting up my accounts and ordering my supplies which is exciting in itself!

I will be mostly stocking precut fabrics and fat quarter bundles which I never can seem to find even at my local quilt shops.

And so begins another adventure!!!!!


  1. OMG!! That is so cool!! Good luck- and if you ever decide to go "online" you know you'll have a loyal fanbase! ~ Jennie

  2. Good for you..what an exciting adventure for you. I'm sure you will do well with it..I have to travel 25 mins to get to my closest quilt store :o(
    Best of luck to you!!