Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My quilting Blog

I have been reading and viewing tons of wonderful quilt blogs so I decided I needed to start one of my own. I have named my blog Soukies because that is what my DH calls his comfort blankie or woobie as some call them. When I think of handmade quilts, I think of my DH with his Soukie, his comfort blanket!

I have been sewing for many years and trying my hand at quilting. I started off with panels, sewing around the cute little animals or designs. I purchased the log cabin quilt book and made my first strip pieced quilt. I have since made a few quilts but have never sandwiched, quilted and binded one. I am addicted to buying fabric and quilting magazines and want to try all of the patterns. Of course we all know that will be impossible but hey, one can try right?

I have a couple of quilts ready for backing and quilting so I will post pictures of my progress along the way. For anyone who stumbles across my blog, welcome!


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