Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet Minnie Bean, My new puppy

I saw this adorable mini Dachshund at the pet store a few weeks ago and fell in love. She was so snuggly and cute. I bugged DH every day and finally today, he came home and surprised me with her! She is just adorable and tiny. We named her Minnie Bean after my grandmother. (that really was her name!) It is a perfect name for her.


Here she is!



  1. cutie pie! looks very familiar! i'll have my little "Daphne" two weeks monday, and we're still workin' on the potty training. it's so dang hard for me to remember to take her outside ev. 2 hrs and the second i wake up...and sometimes at 3am. shhheeeeesh! i hear we have a good 21 weeks to get em trained. beyond that, whatever they do is set in their brain 4 life.
    i'm not crate training, but i will get one for taking her places in the car. i want her crate to be a comfortable place she thinks is homey...(or at least doesn't yelp in all the time)and never a form of punishment...or so my sister advises me. she just got a puppy too.
    now if i can just get my 2 yr old baby girl to not think of Daphne as a noisey, breathing throw-toy, i'll be a happy camper!
    ps- i was very close to naming mine "MINI"!! some other choices were: "BOOJI", "JAVA", "HERSHEY" and "CHILI". the poor girl probably has canine-multiple-personality-disorder, we kept switching it around on her. oh yeah, there is such a condition. google it.
    well, off to take her outside again ~
    check back sometime!


  2. oh! i want a dachsund! how adorable and i love the name, and that someone was actually named that!! too cute