Friday, June 3, 2011

Monson Massachusetts Tornado

Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks the weather for the day will produce a tornado. But that is exactly what happened here in Massachusetts on June 1st 2011. In fact, it produced at least 4 with 3 deaths.

My day started out great! It was delivery day for my new Juki 2010Q Machine so I patiently waited all day long for the UPS man to arrive. As I sat at my sewing machine, I kept looking out the window for that glimpse of brown. Instead, I was seeing the sky turning black. Finally UPS arrived with my beautiful new machine just before it started to rain really hard. He dropped my machine off and ran out the door. I literally had 5 minutes to take the manual out of the box when DH called me on my cell and all I could hear in the background was hail. He was about 4 miles away from our house at our shop and the hail coming down was golf ball size and we had tornado warnings. Our call was disconnected and I told My youngest DS if I yelled RUN he was to run to the basement ASAP.

We turned the TV on and saw that tornados were touching down all around us. We heard one touched down in Monson which is the next town over from us and the town that my in-laws live in. I had no phone service and no way to contact anyone to find out who was safe and who was not.

We were fortunately spared the devastation that so many are facing today. I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing and just never thought something like this could happen here in our area. My advice to you now is if your news says you have tornado warnings, take them to heart and take cover because Mother Nature is not being very nice lately!

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday.


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