Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DQS6 Disaster

I made this really cute quilt for DQS6 and mailed it out on 5/1/09. Just my luck, it has been lost in mail land :-( For over a month it is nowhere to be found. I have the receipt so will try and call the PO and see if they can locate it. (it went overseas)

An Angel quilt has been sent to her by the wonderful TLHCrawford and hopefully mine will show up eventually!

On a lighter note, I have been working on a couple of quilts. I made a pinwheel quilt for one of my swap partners and really liked it so I am making a larger version of that.

I am also working on a disappearing 9 patch usuing a fresh layer cake by Moda. I really love the colors in that fabric and with the layer cake, I cut each 10 inch square into 4 5 inch squares. I have way more squares then with a charm pack so I think this one might end up fitting my bed!

That's all for now, Have a great day!


  1. That's awful!! I'm so sorry :( How sad for you and your partner! It's a beautiful quilt! I hope it shows up soon!

  2. I am not even sure she knew I was her partner. I guess through process of elimination she will figure it out. I am keeping fingers crossed it will show up!

  3. oh Lynn, how frustrated you must be, all that beautiful work! I hope you get it back, or it gets delivered - I guess at this point in time either one would be a blessing!

  4. Hi Soukies,

    I've misplaced my Flickr login details, so haven't been able to login to comment, but wanted to reply to your email, so got a new login, but then couldn't work out how to email you *crazy*

    I'm so sorry your darling little quilt went MIA, I would have been so pleased to receive it, it is absolutely gorgeous and I so adore this style of quilt.

    Please do not feel bad, I have gotten much pleasure just from looking at the pics and they are beautiful, I can tell how much work you put in, and that is the real tragedy, that your hard work and effort has been lost :o(

    I look forward to our paths crossing in future swaps, but I won't be participating for a couple as my bub should be here in about 7 weeks :o)

    Thanks once again!


  5. awww, how upsetting.
    That quilt is beautiful and so much work with the applique. I hope it's found!!

  6. This is so pretty. I hope it has been found.