Friday, December 12, 2008

Chinese Coin Quilts

I finished the top to the coin quilt I have been working on. I must say I rather like the colors of it. I just need to get some backing fabric and then I can attempt to free motion quilt it. I used a balipop in the sherbert colors.


I took the picture while it was draped over my desk so it is really not distorted like it looks.


  1. Very nice looking quilt. Nice and fresh. What machine do you use when "free motion" quiulting a quilt?

  2. I have a Kenmore 19233 machine. I have only free motion quilted a few times so I am still learning. I am a little nervous to do this one. I would love one like your dd!!

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  3. Beautiful! I'm used to seeing more "country" colors, but I really like yours! It's very elegant looking!